6 January 2015
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What To Expect From Your SEO Company

So, you have an online website already, but you’ve left the internet marketing stuff to an SEO professional. Perhaps weeks or even months have gone by and now you’re beginning to wonder whether your SEO professional is doing a good job. The only thing is how can you analyze your current SEO campaign if you don’t even know what to look for? This article outlines the 5 basic things that a well-rounded SEO professional should be able to do for you.

#1- Help you gain a decent ranking on Google for multiple key phrases

OMS-23may2011-LocalInternetMarketing-d-picWhy this is necessary: The point of search engine optimization is to get websites to rank in top positions on the search engines (namely Google) so that they are easier for potential customers to find. If people interested in what you have to offer can’t find you, your current web presence is essentially futile and you must act to change this as soon as possible.

How to check for this: Ask your SEO professional for the list of targeted keywords he has researched for your website. Once you have them, analyze whether you can imagine internet users realistically typing those words into a search engine (if this is unimaginable, the keyword research wasn’t done properly). Then, start typing these key phrases directly into Google line by line and start looking for your site on the search engine results pages (SERPs). Are you wondering how to calculate your exact ranking for each keyword? Each search engine results page displays ten results per page, so if you’re listed as the 4th website on the 3rd page, you are listed as number 34 in the SERPs for that particular key phrase.

What a real SEO expert can offer you: Top ethical SEO professionals can’t promise you the absolute first position in the SERPs due to the fact that the SERPs belong to Google and the exact configurations for their filters aren’t released for public knowledge. However, an ethical SEO company will help your website budge from under the piles of spammy internet garbage out there and get you closer to being on the first SERP for multiple long-tail keywords.

#2- Have your brand actively represented on numerous Social Media platforms

Why this is necessary: Social Media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest help spread the word about your brand, drive traffic to your website, and help you build your brand’s reputation and increase brand recognition.

social-networks-500x388How to check for this: It isn’t enough for you to have a presence on the various Social Media platforms; you must actively post on them as well. Each of these platforms (Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest) have internal search engines of their own which rank members according to frequency of participation as well as according to what’s trending. If you’re not actively tweeting on Twitter, posting on Facebook, or pinning on Pinterest then you’re losing out on a valuable opportunity to be found by prospective clients.

What a real SEO expert can offer you: It is the general consensus in the SEO community that SEOs aren’t expected to post directly to your Social Media platforms for you. However, that being said, a good SEO expert will explain to you how to appropriately post on the various Social Media platforms and increase customer engagement.

#3- Suggest an optimized website layout

optimized websiteWhy this is necessary: Not all website layouts work for all brands. An ecommerce website has its own appropriate layout standards meant to improve usability and encourage purchasing, while a lead-generating site is meant to educate and provide proof that a service or product is needed. The wrong website layout will frustrate and turn off your visitors to buying your product or hearing you out.

How to check for this: If a visitor doesn’t know the purpose of your website upon first glance, then it wasn’t designed correctly. Little known industry secret: if you own an ecommerce site, it generally shouldn’t take a visitor more than 4 clicks to find and complete a purchase.

What a real SEO expert can offer you: An expert in this field will be able to tell you exactly why they’re suggesting a layout for your website as well as which specific Google layout algorithms your older site might be violating.

#4- Offer new link building packages throughout the year

link-buildingWhy this is necessary: Google changes its mind about what constitutes a good link profile throughout the year. If it’s been longer than a year since your last link building package was completed, you need to invest in a new one to avoid being heavily penalized by the search engines.

How to check for this: Look at your receipts. When was the last time you paid for a link building package?

What a real SEO expert can offer you: Just as a good mechanic schedules you for your next service upon completing an oil change, an SEO expert will be able to give you advice on when to invest in your next link building package. Also, if they don’t offer web 2.0 link building packages, you should reconsider finding another link builder.

#5- Website optimization for mobile devices

Why this is necessary: With the boom in the technology market for all things mobile, it is imperative that your website has a mobile friendly layout that doesn’t put a damper on your visitors’ user experience.

Is-Your-Website-Mobile-Ready32How to check for this: Use your own mobile devices to analyze the upload time and appearance of your website on multiple mobile platforms. A website optimized for mobile devices will upload quickly, not need to have the text constantly enlarged by the user, and the images will not appear distorted.

What a real SEO expert can offer you: If your current SEO expert can’t do the actual coding for your website to make it mobile-friendly, they need to at least be able to refer you to someone who can.

Search engine optimization is a necessary and often confusing subject for website owners. It is our hope however; that this post can give you the briefest overview of what constitutes a good SEO campaign. Is there anything about SEO that continues to confuse you? Feel free to ask away in the comments section below!

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